Are justifications keeping you from losing weight?

Weight loss could be just around the corner if you start to take control of your justifications. I have spoken with many people who have told me that they have really tried to lose the weight only to find that when they go to make those all important decisions about what they are going to eat, drink and do, they are faced with a barrage of justifications that can quickly an easily pull them off course. Justifications can really destroy your weight loss efforts and are among one of the top reasons people struggle to make consistent choices that will make the difference.

The benefit with a justification is that it allows you to do things that are not in keeping with your goals, it effectively gets you off the hook and gives you what may well seem a very good and understandable reason to make poor decisions, the sort of decisions that keep you stuck on the weight loss merry go round.

Justifications do not only affect weight loss decisions but every decision we do or do not make in our daily lives. They are one of the biggest causes behind procrastination and if you are serious about achieving your goals and being able to live the life you really want, without the burden of the excess pounds then justifications must be dealt with.

The most popular justifications that I have come across include:

Just one piece won’t hurt

I have been working really hard this week I deserve it

It’s ok as I will eat less tomorrow

But it’s Sarah’s birthday

I can’t go running today the weather isn’t great

I have to have some treats or whats the point

I have been rushing round all day so it will be ok to skip the gym tonight

I can’t bin it that would be a waste

and on and on and on we go

It is important to start noticing when you are using justification because once you bring them into your conscious awareness you then have the opportunity to make real decision and hopefully 9 times out of 10 make the decision that is going to move you closer to where you want to be.

With this in mind next time you come up against a situation that is trying to pull you of course no matter how small that diversion maybe step back and listen to what justification you are offering yourself and then decide what you really want.

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