Time to take your health to the next level

FREE NO RISK Weight Loss & Health Coaching consultation

If you feel that weight loss & health coaching might be for you and would like to find out more about how it works, then call us for a free no obligation phone consultation which will provide you with the opportunity to:

Ask any questions you may have about coaching 

Explain what you want to achieve and what support you require

Make an informed decision whether you want to book in some coaching sessions


How my coaching works

As your weight loss coach & health strategist, we will discuss your current health goal and work together to create a plan to move you closer to its realisation. We will do this by discussing your current goal from many angles to make sure it is right for you and by doing this it can help uncover what is currently blocking your path to success. Then we will create a plan of action that will get you where you want to be by widening your comfort zone. All I ask is that you are honest, fully committed, prepared to take action and responsibility for your current and future situation. Once we have these in place you are setup for maximising your achievement potential. I am here to guide, support, encourage and hold you accountable but unfortunately like all coaches I cannot do your press ups for you.

I can come to your home, place of work or office, which ever will be suitable. I do charge an additional cost depending on how far away I have to travel, these will be discussed on are initial call, although if you are within 10 miles of Southampton their will be no additional charges to pay.

Fresh health guy guarentee

If you choose to book several coaching sessions in one go and after your first session feel that you would like to cancel the remaining sessions, we will offer a full refund on the remaining sessions. The initial session though will not be refunded. (this offer is based on purchases direct from the fresh health guy and not via any other deals)

How to pay

We will accept payment via cheque, debit or credit card.

My qualifications

I have certifications as an NLP practioner, diet and nutritional advisor, motivational interviewing and behaviour change. I also have a passion for helping people improve their lives and care greatly about my clients and their aspirations.

Ask yourself the following questions to decide if you need to make this call:

Would you like to lose some weight and feel better?

Do you wish you had more energy?

Are you missing out on things in your life due to your general wellbeing?

Are you or will regret how you have been treating your body so far or in the future?

Could your live be better if you prioritised your wellbeing?

Are you no longer prepared to miss out on the riches of a fully nourished body?

If you have answered yes to as little as one or two of these then I feel its time you learnt how to take care of yourself a bit better.

Contact us on 07585440610 or via our contact us page

Alternatively email: [email protected]