What is Weight Loss and Health Coaching?

What is health & weight loss coaching?

Health and weight loss coaching is very similar to life coaching in that both forms of coaching are about assisting people in making the necessary changes, that will help improve their lives.

However this type of coaching is about helping you to achieve your health and weight loss goals. By facilitating and guiding you towards a slimmer, healthier, more energetic and happier life. We will provides you with the knowledge, dietary assistance, tools, accountability and supports to break free from this unhealthy lifestyle trap that so many people find themselves in today and assist you along the path to achieving your ultimate health and weight loss goals.

What health & weight loss coaching is not?

Health & weight loss coaching is not counselling or therapy and will not provide any medical advise, try to fix you, diagnose, treat or cure any ill health.

We are not doctors and if you have any health concerns you should always contact your GP.

Is it for me?

If you are finally ready to take charge of your health and do what is necessary to get results then health coaching could be ideal for you.

Health & weight loss coaching is ideal for people:

Struggling with their weight (constantly yo yo dieting)

Feeling as though they can’t lose weight and keep it off

Feeling lethargic

Catching every cold and bug going

Failing to exercise

or for those who have lost their vitality

The benefits of hiring a health coach can be numerous from:

Weight loss (THAT LASTS)

More energy

Stronger immunity

More confidence

Reduced risk of getting degenerative diseases

And much more

After all as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

“The first wealth is HEALTH”

How does it work? 

During the health and weight loss coaching sessions we will work together to help you to set your best health goal, identify your barriers, work with you in creating a plan of action that’s best for you and provide you will useful strategies to make permanent and meaningful changes to improve the quality of your health.

This is your time and your moment to shine you must decide if your happy to continue along your current path by feeding your body in a way that will provide you with undesirable repercussions sooner or later. Or are you going to say no more I have treated my body inhumanly for to long I have taken advantage of my bodies resilience but no more. Because none of us know just how long the body will continue to take the abuse and neglect we have shown it, before it to says it can’t continue and starts to give in to the likes of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and many more.

If you feel that fresh health coaching could assist you then please give us a call or drop us an email for further information. We look forward to one day being able to work with you in achieving your health and weight loss goals.