Eating breakfast might save your life!

It has been said time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a recent study published in the Journal of The American Heart Association appears to add further evidence to this claim.

Researchers found that the men in this study who skipped breakfast had a 27% increased risk of a heart attack. The study is significant in its own right but also compliments other research that has found links between skipping breakfast and the increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

The reason for this increased risk is not currently known but Andrew Odegaard a researcher from the University of Minnesota said “we don’t know whether it’s the timing or content of breakfast that’s important. It’s probably both. He also went on to say “generally, people who eat breakfast tend to eat a healthier diet”.

Whatever the reason the research over the years has been strong to indicate the importance of eating breakfast.

When it comes to breakfast you do however have to be careful with your choices as the option you choose could be putting your health and waistlines at risk anyway. The most common of breakfast options is cereal and here in lies the major problem. Most of the cereals that you will find in the supermarkets today are not good for your health and are a nightmare when it comes to weight loss.

Cereals promise so much on the packaging but fail to deliver with the contents in the box. They are often filled with refined carbohydrates and plenty of added sugar and salt even the children’s ones and the so called healthier ones.

It is important that you find a cereal or breakfast option that will be good for you and your waistlines, the best place to start is by avoiding any breakfast with added sugar and refined carbohydrates. Opt instead for a no added sugar muesli, porridge (not porridge microwave sachets) or even a nice fruit salad.

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