Is Sugar Safe?

The argument about the potential toxicity of sugar is growing by the day, with countless studies coming out showing the health effects of this white extracted substance.

Sugar was once a product that only the rich could afford and was hard to come by. But now you will struggle to find in the supermarkets, a boxed, canned or processed food that doesn’t have added sugar in it. In fact it has been estimated that in Britain alone we are consuming around 238 teaspoons of the stuff each week and it is consumption levels like these that will soon make sugar a bigger health crisis than cigarettes ever were.  Although sugar has also found its way into some cigarettes.

Studies have found that over consumption of added sugar and also refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, rice and certain potato products can have a detrimental effect to our waistlines and our overall health.

The potential problems with high consumption of these products can be anything from type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer and even heart disease. In fact the American Heart Association has even suggested that the consumption of added sugar should be no more than 100 calories a day for women (approximately 6 teaspoons) and 150 calories a day for men (approximately 9 teaspoons).

There was also a recent study presented at an American Heart Association conference that found that sweetened drinks are linked to more than 180,000 obesity related deaths every year worldwide.

If we are to turn around these kinds of figures and prevent them getting worse, then we need to start making individual changes in our own diets because it is no good waiting for the food and drink industries to make the necessary changes to their products, that would support our health and instead of depleting it.

These changes don’t have to be dramatic, they can be a slow but consistent improvement to the amount and quality of the food and drinks you consume. One of the best ways to do this is by not keeping these added sugars and refined carbohydrates in your cupboards.

One change a day can lead you to better health, more energy and a slimmer waist.

Live healthy


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